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Responsive App

The application can be accessible from all type of devices from smartphones to personal computers. And all that is due to a responsive design approach.

Optimization Score

The target is to analyze and tweak your websites, then repeat the process until they get a score closer to 100.

Social Metrics

Using our app, you can keep track of your social tally and see daily activity for your content (Facebook, LinkedIn).

On-page SEO

Content audit will provide insights about keywords, headings links (internal, external and nofollow), as well as alternative text for images.

HTML & CSS Insights

Code Insights delivers useful information about your markup: Classes/Ids, tags, Google PageSpeed and Time to First Byte and more.

Competitive Analysis

Using our targeted analysis you can get side by site metrics, easily identifying your edge or your competitors' weaknesses.

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Maintain your web page optimized by knowing its composition: how many images, scrips or style files it has as well as render-blocking content.

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You do not have to be on to access a report. With Pagelocity Chrome extension, all you have to do is click the big blue button and in less than 60 seconds a structured analysis will be displayed.

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Social Trends

Social dynamics are a great way to understand how content is consumed. Testing different growth hacking techniques can result in high number of "likes", "shares" on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Content Summary

Having good copy on a website is a matter of skill. Running an analysis and verifying the content status, will result in valuable insights about the text content in a web page.

Resources Breakdown

The way a website is constructed is crucial and no matter what the target audience. The main goal should be to load fast and a minimal bandwidth load.

Code Tips

HTML & CSS are still the main bricks of creating web pages. Therefore you will get hints on how to update your code to be more maintainable and healthy.
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