What is Pagelocity?

Pagelocity is a web application for analyzing and optimizing web pages. The name comes from two words merging: Page and Velocity. And while in the beginning it was all targeted towards performance, now the Pagelocity application provides a lot of additional information.

How it all started


The project started in early 2013, as a way to improve my PHP skills. And since I was very keen on developing my performance optimization skills, I started Pagelocity.

Initially it started with a simple script from Themeforest which was returning some SEO information. After that, I have started to dig into cURL and ways to parse the HTML document.

With a very early version, in November 2013 I attended HowToWeb conference in Bucharest in search of feedback. The result was OK at that time, but much needed to be improved.


In early 2014, I had the first version ready, which was composed of a landing page and a report page. It was enough to get the project live but I felt I needed something more robust.

Due to my design background, some parts of the application were beyond my reach and that's why I started to look for help. One of my colleagues from the PHP department was kind to help me with the backend.

After that, I have switched from the web analyzer site to a full web application. And that's another part whereBogdan Ghitulescu - my colleague, came to help and implemented an AngularJS app.

At the end of 2014, Pagelocity was a pretty functional web application but it lacked the final touches. From that point on I have started to constantly tweak the UI and some of the algorithms.


In 2015, I was determined to launch Pagelocity on May 1st. But due to a bunch of bugs and some new improvements, the date was postponed. I have updated the code in the summer and on September 1st I have started to invest time in promoting the app.